CSS 29 Online: Prgramming for Multimedia

Syllabus: Programming for Mulitmedia

Office Hours: Online and M 5 -6 PM, Location - E 205
Course Meeting Times: Online .
Instructor: Christine Svendsen Phone: 755 - 6851

Course Description

This is an course in creating and designing interactive content using Flash Actionscripting 2 and 3 using version MX, CS 3, 5, XML, Javascript and any other programs the instructor deams necessary for success in class. In this class you will learn, through video tutorials, print tutorials and examples provided by the instructor how to design dynamic multimedia content.

Course Requirements

This class requires that you have good time management skills, have access to the programs used in the course, the ability to download the required material and a computer. Computer access can be obtained on the main campus during open lab hours.

Course Goals

1. Students will learn a variety of methods for creating dynamic web and multimedia content.
2. Students will also learn how to use the Flash program as well as other programs as needed to create dynamic content for web design.
3. They will also develop a working knowledge of good design, programmming and other skill necessary to be a good multimedia programmer.
4. Students will demonstrate those skills by designing and programming basic components for personal or business use and then graduate to more advanced website design concepts.

Reading Materials

All required reading will be provided online as part of the course. Students will not be required to purchase additional books, or materials.

Grading Policy

Students must turn in all assignment for the week on time. Due date is no later than 12:00 am Sunday night of the week the work is assigned. If an assignment is turned in later than that it may be dropped one letter grade before the assignment is graded.

Class Outline

Tenative Course Outline, (please note this course outline may change without notice to the student).

The following components will be covered in this course:

Basic Flash tools and components
Building Flash interactivity - buttons and Interefaces
Building Flash and Java components
Building a Flash Photo Gallery and Interactive Timelines
Building Forms and Building Data Grids using XML and Flash
Building Interactive Color Books
Using Youtube and Flash
Interactive pie charts using Flash, XML and Excel
Building a basic Flash website and preloaders

Class Format

This class is designed to be completed in eighteen weeks. Students should plan on completing all the lessons for the week. Assignments will be graded based on accuracy and demonstrated understanding of the lesson content.

Certificates and Degree Programs

This class is part of both a Certificate in Web Design and part of the Digital and Web Degree Program. See the Hartnell College catalog for requirements of completion for both the degree program and the certificate program. You can also contact the instructor for more information on the Digital and Web Design Degree Program.

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