CSS Online: Intro to Computer Apps

Syllabus: CSS 43 7038 - Hybrid

Office Hours:

M -5 - 6 pm other hours by arrangement

Course Meeting Times:


Instructor: Christine Svendsen

Phone: 755 - 6851
e mail: csvendsen@hartnell.edu

Course Description

This is a basic course that will teach you the fundamentals of Microsoft Office as well as basic computer knowledge. Students will work with Microsoft Office, and other computer applications the instructor deems necessary for the success of the student.

Student Objectives

1. Recognize the principles of computers, their uses and applications.
2. Students should be able to recognize the differences between programs used in computer projects and those used in other media.
3. Students should be able to understand the processes of constructing office projects, photo editors and other computer applications
4. Students should be able to understand key concepts of the computer and its uses, graphics, Microsoft Office, the internet and text editors.
5. Students should be able to write, edit and develop a portfolio consisting of course work completed throughout the year.

Face-to-face and Online Office Hours

My office is located in E building and RM 205. I am in my office usually from 5 - 6 pm, before class. If need I can meet at other times more convienent for students.

This semester I will also be using SKYPE for office hours. If you would like to meet using SKYPE please send me an email two days before the time you would like to meet. If it is possible we can meet online. If you don’t have SKYPE, we can meet in the online class chat room.

SKYPE is a free program to download, you will need a headset and microphone, which can be purchased at Walmart, Target, Office Depot or Best Buy.

Evaluation Criteria

Final Project (40 % ): your final project is a research paper and power point presentation based on your research paper. The research paper will be a comprehensive project that will take in all the skills that were learned through-out the semester and apply them to the final project.

Discussion Questions (10 %): There will be discussion in class on topics related to computer literacy and its related technology. The discussion takes place online and you will be required to respond to other students’ responses to the questions or topics. Your answers should be thoughtful but concise. These will be worth an average of 10 points per week (60 total).

Assignments (25%): The Lessons Learned will be from the book; and assignments posted on the class website.

Quizzes (25%): Quizzes taken during the semester.

Participation (5 %): Attendance and participation are a critical part in forming a dynamic learning experience, in school as well as on the job. As a result, you are expected to participate in activities and discussions. This strategy is found to be most effective in promoting success-- a little every day gets the job done!

Reading Materials and Other Learning Materials

Computers are Your Future & A Guide to Microsoft Office 2010
Video tutorials

Class Format

This class is designed to be completed in eighteen weeks. Students should plan on completing all the lessons for the week in the time alloted. Assignments will be graded based on accuracy and should demonstrate understanding of the lesson content.

Certificates and Degree Programs

This class is part of both a Certificate in Web Design and part of the Digital and Web Design Degree Program as well as a transferable course to both the CSU and the UC. See the Hartnell College catalog for requirements of completion for both the degree program and the certificate program. You can also contact the instructor for more information on the Digital and Web Design Degree Program.